Germany to Increase Road Tax for Heavy Commercial Vehicles from December 2023

11. 09. 2023

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that the German government has resolved to raise the current rate of Road Tax for all commercial vehicles weighing over 7.5 tons, effective from December 1, 2023.

The increment is categorized based on whether it is the loading or unloading location within the country. The distance is calculated using the shortest possible route through Germany to the Czech Republic, which also serves as our primary route for all destinations.

The rate for vehicles exceeding 18 tons with 5 or more axles of EURO 6 category will be set at 0.348 EUR per kilometer, marking an 83.2% increase from the initial price of 0.19 EUR per kilometer.

As was previously announced, the majority of vehicles will be classified under the CO2 emission category 1, which is the topmost tier.

CO2 emission category 1 will encompass:
• All vehicles ranging from Euro 0 to Euro V categories.
• All Euro VI vehicles first registered before July 2019.
• Most of the Euro VI vehicles first registered after July 2019.

Due to these circumstances, the “Toll collect” authority will categorize all vehicles under the CO2 emission category 1.

Vehicles from this CO2 emission category (which are the majority) will see a tariff increase from 0.158 euro cents per kilometer to 0.348 euro cents per kilometer.

The rationale is based on a minimum base increase of at least 0.158 euros per kilometer.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this governmental measure, which is unfortunately beyond our control.

Delamode Bulgaria Ltd

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